Get 2FA Verification Code

2FA verification code/two-step verification code acquisition tool (equivalent to the web version of Google Authenticator), you can choose one of the methods to enter the key to obtain it.

Use JS to get
2FA Key:
Now Code:
Remaining time: 30 Second

Use PHP to get
2FA Key:
Now Code:
Remaining time: 30

2FA Tool Description

2FA Key for demo: 7J64V3P3E77J3LKNUGSZ5QANTLRLTKVL[Click on 2FA key to copy]
Tips for newbies: You must enter the verification code to log in or verify before the countdown ends, otherwise it will fail and display an error. When testing the function, you must enter a specific coded key to obtain it correctly. Do not enter a key to test and obtain the function. At present, after clicking the button to get the verification code, the verification code will be automatically copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it directly. If you want to verify that the generated verification code is correct, click the button to generate a QR code, and use the Google Authenticator APP to scan and add a check。
More ways: You can also append the key to the URL. [] ,Demo:, so that the access can also query the verification code. This format is most suitable for beginners.
Recent maintenance: August 23, 2023