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When the content of the input box (top) is changed, it will be automatically saved locally, and the result of the output box (bottom) will not be saved.

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Text Tool Description

Batch CheckFB: It is recommended to use CheckFB[Quick], because this detection method only filters disabled IDs and can quickly produce results. CheckFB[Stats] is time-consuming, because the output needs to be queued in order, please wait for the operation to complete before exporting the results, and the ID of the disabled account will be automatically copied to the clipboard after the detection is completed, which is convenient for filtering invalid accounts. At present, the new and old ID numbers are fully supported, and the table export is only applicable to the CheckFB[Stats].
Tips for newbies: The content of the text editor input box is saved locally. After refreshing the webpage, the data will not be loaded automatically. If the number of data characters is large, you need to click the [Load Cache] button to load the local cache data. The [Replace] button can replace characters in batches. If you want to delete some characters in batches, leave the replacement data box blank, and click OK to delete in batches.
Recent maintenance: August 24, 2023

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